Take Action

It’s time to turn our worship into action. By signing this petition you will be asking world leaders at COP 24 in Poland to keep their promises made in the Paris Agreement.

The UN talks in Poland this December are where governments and institutions like the World Bank will gather to agree how to fulfill the Paris Agreement to address climate change. Millions of people living in poverty are already being affected by more frequent storms, droughts and floods, so we need to send a clear message to world leaders that the challenge is urgent and the time for action is now. Will you join us in prayer and petition?

Dear World Leaders,

I will be praying for you as you meet in Poland this December, please do all you can to deliver strong political signals and action to:

– agree fair, robust and transparent “rules” to implement the Paris agreement 
– commit to increase current climate targets and reduce emissions in national country plans by 2020
– deliver and scale up the promised $100bn for the most vulnerable countries to tackle and adapt to climate change, including for sustainable and resilient smallholder agriculture and clean energy.

Please click Amen if you agree and would like to add your name.

Say Amen

By signing this petition you are asking world leaders at the COP 24 climate talks in Poland to keep their promises made in the Paris Agreement on climate change. Please add your name to say ‘Amen’ to urgent action for a safer climate, alongside thousands of Christians around the world who are part of the global Renew Our World campaign.