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Our actions have an impact.

As part of Tearfund’s Matched Giving Appeal, we are asking supporters to donate and pledge to reduce their plastic.

When we speak out about plastic pollution and how it affects people in poverty, we are keeping the issue on the agenda. When we show by our actions that we want to live in a less wasteful world, we are valuing what God has given us and caring for our global neighbours, as well as sending a powerful signal that we want decision-makers to act.

Join us by taking the Plastic Pledge to give up using one single-use plastic item for 40 days (or more!). Every single-use plastic item we save is one less thing in a landfill site, ocean or incinerator – or one less thing shipped overseas for another country to dispose of.

Pledge Today

Top tips to help you in your 40-day challenge!

Single-use plastics are plastic items that are only intended to be used once, such as soft drinks bottles. The most common items include disposable cups, drinks bottles, non-recyclable packaging, wipes and female hygiene products. Finding alternatives to these plastics is easier than you might think! It can be very satisfying to know that you are walking that little bit lighter on the earth – and often, it saves you money too.

Seven ways to cut down on your plastic waste:

  1. Switch to using a reusable coffee cup (stainless steel or bamboo cups are best).
  2. Carry a reusable water bottle with you and refill it at home or work (the most long-lasting and easily recyclable types are made from stainless steel or glass).
  3. Cut down on plastic packaging by buying fruit and veg loose, either from the supermarket, greengrocer or market, or in a veg box. If your supermarket doesn’t sell loose fruit and veg, ask them to!
  4. Switch to reusable cloths over wipes (even ‘biodegradable’ ones). Choose organic cotton or bamboo as the supply chain is more ethical.
  5. Use soap and shampoo bars instead of liquid products in plastic bottles.
  6. If you have young children, think about switching to reusable nappies – even switching for daytime wear will make a big difference.
  7. For women, consider whether you can switch to more sustainable period products, such as menstrual cups, reusable sanitary pads and period-proof pants.

Please do get in touch with us at campaigns@tearfund.org if you have any questions.

UK Aid Match

Until 17 May, donations to our Matched Giving Appeal will be doubled by the UK government, up to £3 million. Donations to this appeal will help Tearfund transform lives around the world where the need is greatest.

Match funding from the UK government will be used by our partners in Pakistan to set up recycling hubs and improve the lives of people in the poorest slum communities.