Hunger and climate change steal security, but thankfully, the church gives hope. That is why we are joining with churches around the world in the Renew Our World campaign.

One in seven people around the world have no access to electricity which means, no light for children to study in the evenings or women to go the toilet safely at night and, no power for fridges to store medicine. But, we have an opportunity to put that right and do it sustainably. Now solar panels and large-scale batteries are cheap enough to bring affordable electricity even in remote places, a huge transformation is possible. There’s no need for a community to wait to be linked up to an expensive electricity grid powered by polluting fossil fuels. Children can do homework in the evenings, women can walk safely at night and farmers can irrigate fields with electric pumps.

This could be the first generation where everybody has electricity.

Our UK government puts funds into energy for poorer countries, but so far only a little of it goes to decentralised, clean power like this. We’re asking the UK government to rebalance their funding away from wasteful, polluting fossil fuels so that people in poverty get clean, efficient and affordable energy.

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