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Reboot Campaign Resources

In our Reboot campaign, we're calling on the UK government to forge a way forward that prioritises the poorest, tackles the climate emergency and builds a better world for everyone. You can find resources here to help you take action and get others involved. 

Climate factsheet thumb

Climate Factsheet
Learn more about the climate crisis and what we can do about it

Climate Church Talk thumbnail

Climate Church Talk
Talk about the climate crisis at your church using our guide

Climate slides thumbnails

Climate Talk Slides
Use or adapt these slides to add visuals to your climate talk 

Climate Video – Orbisa's Story
See the impacts of climate change, and join in prayer and action

The World Rebooted Video
Find out why a global reboot is urgently needed

Discussion Guide
Dig deeper with your small group, friends, family or church

Reboot Live Panel (July 2020)
Watch a live panel on the church's role in building a better world

Thumbnail of The World Rebooted paper (Tearfund)

The World Rebooted Paper
For leaders to explore the church's role in reshaping society


Policy Paper
Read the technical details on what we're calling for

Rubbish Campaign Resources

To beat poverty and injustice, we need to tackle the world's rubbish problem. You can get your church or small group involved with our Rubbish Campaign by using the resources below. For additional resources, including a guide for running your own Rubbish Eventplease send us an email at campaigns@tearfund.org

Rubbish Talk Notes
Use or adapt these notes to give a Rubbish Talk

Rubbish Talk PowerPoint
Add visuals to your
Rubbish Talk

All-age Rubbish Activities
Get your church involved with tackling rubbish

Rubbish Event Film
Watch this 10-minute video to spark conversation

Rubbish Campaign Film
Watch a short summary of the Rubbish Campaign

Rubina's Rubbish Problem
Watch a short clip about the effects of plastic pollution

More Resources

Lifestyle Actions
Use your everyday choices to make a difference

Anti-racism Guide
Respond and ​take action against racial injustice

Live Justly Bible Studies
Study and discuss biblical justice with your group

Restoration Story Film
Learn about playing your part in God's restoration story

Restoration Story Guide
Discuss the film with others and respond together

Restoration Story Booklet
Unpack the themes of restoration and justice

To give feedback or find out more, please email us at campaigns@tearfund.org