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  • Branded plastic waste: Coca-cola and Pepsi bottles among other plastic waste.

    A chance for a less rubbish world

    Plastic pollution has a devastating impact on people living in poverty, and all of creation. In early-November, the UK parliament is considering new commitments to reduce plastic pollution that could pave the way for global change. Please join us in speaking up and praying.

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  • Person playing guitar outside - Clint McCoy / Unsplash

    How to worship in a climate emergency

    What does it look like to bring together worship, creation care and justice? A new album of songs and worship resources from Resound Worship aims to equip local churches to do just that.

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  • Woman shopping in mask

    Stepping off the consumer bandwagon

    Is it time to question our culture’s obsession with consumption? Megan reflects on the opportunity we have to create new habits to last beyond the pandemic.

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  • Urban Planting. Creative Commons -

    Reboot steps: walking the talk

    In our Reboot Campaign, the fifth step we’re calling on the UK government to take is ‘Renew’: make sure the UK’s economic reboot tackles the climate crisis and creates good, green jobs.

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  • Aksa Chinigu (58) practices conservation farming thanks to the work of self-help groups in her village. Tom Price - Ecce Opus/Tearfund

    Reboot Steps: a better world for everyone

    In our Reboot Campaign, the fourth step we’re calling on the UK government to take is ‘Recover’: act to ensure a global recovery creates a better world for people in poverty.

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  • Delivery of food packages to 500 vulnerable families in the municipalities of Algodonal and Santa Lucía in Barranquilla, Colombia, as response to the COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic. Edrei Cueto/Tearfund

    Reboot steps: cancel debt

    In our Reboot Campaign, the second step we’re calling on the UK government to take is ‘Reset’: cancel debt and release emergency funding to help developing countries respond to the crisis.

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