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  • Church community members in Haiti carrying bags of rubbish after clean-up day (Tearfund)

    The role of the church - Haiti Video 2

    Churches and communities in Haiti are walking the talk when it comes to creation care. The second instalment of our 4-part series looks at the inspiring difference that local churches are making at tackling the plastic problem in their communities.

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  • A polluted waterway in Haiti (Tearfund, 2019)

    The problem of waste - Haiti Video 1

    Plastic pollution is a very real problem for people in Haiti. This is part one of a four-part series showing why multinational companies need to #StopTheRubbish and take responsibility for the plastic waste they're producing.

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  • Empty paper coffee cup (Pexels)

    Overcoming plastic guilt

    Ever felt rubbish about buying single-use plastic? Kiran writes about his experience with plastic guilt, and how we can overcome it to make change happen.

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  • Clare Lyons holding a Coca-Cola bottle in Tanzania (Tearfund).

    What I found at a rubbish dump

    Smoke filled my lungs and I started coughing. I was standing on a ridge in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It should have been a beautiful view...

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  • Jack Wakefield and Caitlin Collins with their jar of rubbish from 2019 (Tearfund).

    A year's rubbish in a jar

    Jack Wakefield and Caitlin Collins speak about their not-so-rubbish 2019 after completing an impressive challenge to reduce their waste.

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  • House of Commons Chamber, UK Parliament (2008). Reused via Flickr, under Creative Commons non-commercial license.

    The election’s over – what now?

    As the new parliament takes to those iconic green benches, there will be a mixture of feelings across the country. Here are some ways to stay engaged and keep influencing the direction the country is heading in.

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  • Pinecones, twine and scissors on a wooden desk (Roman Kraft via Unsplash)

    25 ideas for an ethical Christmas

    December is here – the countdown to Christmas is on! Here are 25 ways you can have an ethical Christmas and be kind to the planet (and your wallet).

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  • Seated people listening with notebooks on lap (Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash)

    Hustings: What you need to know

    Many churches bless their local community by running special services and events at Christmas. This year, the UK election in December brings an opportunity for churches to serve in a different way: by running a hustings.

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  • Coke bottle with paper message inside

    Sending out an SOS

    Coca Cola has been named as the world's biggest plastic polluter. We want Tearfund supporters to give the Coca-Cola Company a cool, refreshing talking-to.

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