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Turning paper promises into reality

Our world is out of balance. People are being pushed further into poverty around the world because the climate is changing fast – there are more extreme droughts and floods, and less reliable rain. If we want to beat poverty and injustice, we need to tackle climate change.

As global leaders return from the global climate talks (COP23), we remember the great steps forward we have taken around the world to tackle climate change and poverty. Governments made historic promises to tackle climate change through the Paris Agreement in 2015, and the church has an important role in turning this into action.

This promise is only as good as its word. This year we are joining together with Christians around the world as part of the Renew Our World campaign, asking our global leaders not to miss the opportunity to turn their promises into real action.

Join us this autumn by asking your MP to urge the UK Government to turn their paper promises into reality for those living in poverty.

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