90KM for £90K

On your bike!

International rugby star Ruan Pienaar invites you to take part in the Cycle for Freedom on 14th June 2017, cycling along the North Coast in a bid to help protect 2,500 children at risk across the globe.

Along with Ruan and other cycling enthusiasts from NI, you will begin the Cycle at Causeway Coast Vineyard in Coleraine. From there, you will take in breath-taking coastal beauty as you head towards the Glens of Antrim, and finish off your 90KM ride through the rustic countryside as you return to Coleraine.

If you are 18+ and a keen road cyclist, do not miss this fantastic opportunity to meet Ruan, get on your bike and raise money for children at risk of trafficking, disease and disaster: your joint target of £90k could help protect up to 2,500 children like Mazna.

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Mazna was born in a small village in India. Her family was poor and couldn’t afford to send Mazna to school.

One day, a family friend visited. He suggested to Mazna’s father that he send her to Mumbai: he said she could make money for the family by working as a housekeeper. He seemed trustworthy so Mazna’s father agreed to let her go.

Upon arrival in the city, Mazna was immediately sold to a brothel. Mazna had been trafficked.

Mazna's life in the brothel was like a nightmare that she couldn't wake up from. She ran away one day. She was tracked down by the brothel owner who beat her badly, saying he would only release her after she had paid her debts.

Tearfund partner Oasis, visited Mazna’s brothel. They gave her the chance to learn new skills and trained Mazna in henna art (temporary body paint). Through the relationship and trust she built up, she told the Oasis staff her debts were 20,000 rupees (about £225).

One day an opportunity arose. A visiting group to Mumbai were looking to have henna painted on their hands. Oasis put them in contact with Mazna. She earned enough to pay off her debts to the brothel owner. She was released.

Mazna returned home and was reunited with her family. She said:

In my life, I never thought I would be released from this darkness but Oasis helped me to be set free. They gave me the strength and confidence to keep fighting; they were always behind me and that’s why I won the race.



Tearfund works in the places of greatest need, restoring hope and bringing about whole-life transformation. Around the world, children like Mazna are at risk of trafficking, disease and disaster. The Cycle for Freedom is a chance for you to do something about it.

By setting yourself a target of £500, you could help protect 14 children like Mazna. And together, with a joint target of £90,000, we could help protect 2,500 children from trafficking, disease and disaster.

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What you will receive from Tearfund

  • Tearfund cycling top
  • Dedicated fundraising support
  • Refreshments at two stop-off points
  • A warm Tearfund reception (including some lunch!) at the finish-line

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