Autumn Acoustic Tour 2017

"'The Space Between' is a creative masterpiece based on the most solid of foundations"

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Welcome to Tearfund's Autumn Acoustic Tour 2017.

Join singer-songwriters Yvonne Lyon, Gareth Davies-Jones and David Lyon as they perform music from their new collaborative album The Space Between, inspired by the Sermon on the Mount. 

We have three new dates in Scotland for 2017, so please book your tickets, and join us at Kirkliston, Wednesday 20th September, East Kilbride on Friday 22nd September or in Chryston on Saturday 23rd September. Doors open 7pm and each concert starts at 7.30pm. We look forward to seeing you soon.

"The words of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount are challenging, inspiring and powerful. Yvonne Lyon and David Lyon and Gareth Davies-Jones' songs in 'The Space Between' wonderfully capture these words and teachings and make us think afresh of their relevance to our own lives, our faith communities and society. I believe this album will speak into individual hearts and the heart of the church in our nation. May you find your way blessed as you listen to the songs live on the tour!"

Pam Fulton, Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Pastoral Care, Queen's Park Baptist Church