Events Volunteers FAQ's

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How old do I need to be?

We have volunteers of from ages 18 to 80 years! All we ask is that you have a reasonable level of mobility as there is an amount of physical work involved in each role.

In accordance with our child protection policy, we ask that all Tearfund volunteers at events are 18yrs or over. If you are 16 - 18 then we may accept you on to team if you have a guardian or parent who is also a Tearfund volunteer at that event.

I’ve never been camping before any tips? And what should I bring?

First off a tent that you know how to put up. Sleeping under the stars is great but maybe not what you had in mind. If you are struggling with this, please let us know. Here are our top tips:

  1. Even if the sun is shining all day, at night it can get cold so bring a hat, extra layers (long sleeved t-shirt) and extra socks.
  2. Bring a sleeping bag and something to sleep on - an air bed, roll mat, blankets, a single sheet or sleeping bag liner for inside your sleeping bag. One of these or a combination of all will help keep you warm and comfortable.
  3. During the day keep your tent sleeping pod and front door closed, this will help keep it warm. When you go to sleep at night make sure it is zipped up too.
  4. Enjoy a shower at home before you arrive, there are basic hot showers in individual cubicles but no gold plated taps or en-suites.
  5. If you are going to use the showers remember a towel. To save standing in a long queue, time your showers for late at night or during the day.. Flip flops are also useful to wear in the shower unit.
  6. If you don’t fancy the basic showers, baby wipes and dry shampoo is a good alternative. If you are on the cafe team please make sure you take a shower every 24 hours though.
  7. Bring sensible shoes (the grass will be wet first thing in the morning whatever the weather so bring some waterproof footwear) and a jacket.
  8. Bring a torch, lightsaber or any other appropriate way of lighting your way at night.
  9. For extra comfort and warmth at night you could bring a hot water bottle. Also don't forget about the hot chocolate mountain you can get in the Tearfund Cafe before bed.

Do Tearfund cover all my costs?

When you volunteer with Tearfund, we don’t want you to be out of pocket. Your entry to the event will be free and accommodation (when camping), your food will either be provided or the cost covered. You can also claim up to £50 to help towards the cost of travel to and from the event.

Do I need to ask people for money?

We’re passionate about doing all we can to support and address people’s material and spiritual needs as we follow Jesus where the need is greatest and we want to inspire people to join us in giving their prayer, action...and finances! When we give, we have an invested interest too! But if the idea of those kind of conversations scares you, don’t worry, you will be fully trained and not alone! We also have roles in our cafes and support teams.

Can I come with a friend, group or other half?

Yes! We love it when people volunteer with friends or with a group, it can make the experience extra fun. There is always a great team spirit at an event so if you do choose to come by yourself then there is plenty of opportunity to make new friends.