Mean Bean Challenge postponed

We have sought medical advice, and are sorry to say that we are postponing the Mean Bean Challenge until the Autumn due to the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19).

The main reason for this is that the medical advice we received cautioned against any changes to diet at this time. In addition, a healthy, balanced diet helps keep your immune system working well, and we wouldn’t want any of our fundraisers to put their health at risk by taking on a hunger challenge in the current circumstances.

If you have already started the challenge, please hold off on the rice and beans and go back to your usual patterns of eating and drinking.

We know that so many of you have been busy fundraising and preparing for the challenge – we’ve been blown away by the commitment and passion of our mean beaners, and are really disappointed to postpone the event. Your support is needed more than ever to help people like Ruth who experience hunger every day, so please do stick with the Mean Bean Challenge and take part in the Autumn. We’ll share more information, including new dates for the challenge, as soon as we can.

In the meantime, thank you for your understanding and for your continued support. And please join us in prayer for a swift end to the Coronavirus outbreak, and for all those affected in the UK and around the world.

Stand up to hunger

The Mean Bean Challenge is tough, and you will feel hungry. But, while you can go back to eating what you like when the five days are up, millions of others around the world aren’t so fortunate.

Hunger is devastating lives and destroying hope. Together we can change that.

Help people feed their families

Help people feed their families

Despite doing all she can, Ruth’s children often go hungry. But, through training in farming techniques from a Tearfund partner, Ruth is learning new ways to provide for her family.

By raising money through the Mean Bean Challenge, you can help more people like Ruth escape hunger for good.

How your fundraising will help

Every £288 you raise could help four people like Ruth receive training for a year, enabling them to feed their families and overcome hunger.

Mean Bean Challenge

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    Eat Beans. Help end hunger.

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    Eat Beans. Help end hunger.