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STEP ONE: Donate your birthday

Click ‘Pledge’ above and fill out the form to donate your birthday this year.

STEP TWO: Plan it

When your birthday is nearly here, we’ll get in touch to help you get fundraising!

STEP THREE: Make it count

The money you raise will help us work with local churches and communities to address poverty and build resilience for the future.

Make your birthday count

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Give up your birthday? A few Team Tearfunders tell us why they did it.

Grace, 18

I wanted to make a difference with what I had, and my birthday was the perfect chance to get all my friends and family on board.

Norma, 80

My grandchildren think I’m getting too old. So I thought I’d have a go and show them what I can do.

Matt, 40

My 40 challenges for 40 was inspired by seeing the things other Tearfund supporters were up to. I wanted to combine celebration with challenge!