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Poverty destroys lives.
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Poverty isn’t going to end itself – each one of us has a part to play. Run with Team Tearfund and together, let's finish poverty for good.

Your race starts here…

First step: choose your event. Anything from 5k to 5000k is brilliant. Here are some ideas.

Next: consider getting some friends involved – you can keep each other encouraged on the road to ending poverty.

Then: once registered for your event, sign up with us to fundraise for Tearfund.

You’re winning already!


By fundraising with us, you’ll be changing the lives of people living in desperate need – like Ruth, from Nigeria.

Ruth’s children used to beg for food. It broke her heart. ‘Everything seemed hopeless,’ she says. But then Ruth attended a course run by her church, where she was taught better farming methods. Now she can feed her family, and is saving up money so that her children can go to school. ‘Everything has changed,’ says Ruth. ‘It’s so exciting!’

£360 could help five people like Ruth to receive training to feed and provide for their family.

What you’ll receive when you sign up

  • Fundraising pack and dedicated fundraising support
  • Tearfund T-shirt or running vest, plus iron-on letters to customise your kit
  • Tearfund water bottle
  • The knowledge that you will be changing lives as the money you raise helps to beat poverty