Walks and treks

Are you a regular walker and new to endurance events? Perhaps a seasoned trekker looking for testing adventures? Or even a marathon runner wanting to up your distance? Whether it's along magnificent coastal scenery, or in stunning open countryside, there’s an Ultra Challenge for you.

Walk, jog or run at your pace on the Ultra Challenge Series 2020 event of your choice. Join 25,000 others of all ages and abilities for an unforgettable challenge. It will be rewarding, fun and absolutely achievable with your resolve and determination alongside first class support.

Sign up for people like Ruth

By fundraising with us, you’ll be changing the lives of people living in desperate need – like Ruth, from Nigeria.

Ruth’s children used to beg for food. It broke her heart. ‘Everything seemed hopeless,’ she says. But then Ruth attended a course run by her church, where she was taught better farming methods. Now she can feed her family, and is saving up money so that her children can go to school. ‘Everything has changed,’ says Ruth. ‘It’s so exciting!’

Every £288 you raise could help four people like Ruth to receive training to feed and provide for their family.

Why join Team Tearfund?


Choose your challenge

You keep going, day and night if required. Marquee rest stops with cover, seating, food, toilets and medical services.

2 DAY 'DAYLIGHT 100km'
With a half-way break and time to sleep, including a camping option.

First or second half. This suits many people, especially if new to Ultras, and don't forget it's longer than a marathon. Also ideal to join up with a 100km challenger friend for the second half.

Perfect as a starter challenge, and gives you plenty of time to celebrate in the evening! Also good for supporting a 100km challenger on their first leg.

Choose your fundraising option

Self Funding (optional participant fundraising for Tearfund)
Full challenge: £198
Half challenge: £129
Quarter challenge: £79

Charity sponsorship – pay a small registration fee and do lots of fundraising.
Full challenge: £15 reg fee + £595 in fundraising
Half challenge: £10 reg fee + £395 in fundraising
Quarter challenge: £5 reg fee + £245 in fundraising

Mixed funding – pay a higher contribution to the cost of your place and your minimum fundraising target is less.
Full challenge: £99 reg fee + £299 in fundraising
Half challenge: £64.50 reg fee + £199 in fundraising
Quarter challenge: £39.50 reg fee + £119 in fundraising

For more information contact the Community Fundraising Team on 020 3906 3390 or teamtearfund@tearfund.org.