LAST CHANCE 2 weeks: Peru 18
Trip date: 17 Aug 2018 - 31 Aug 2018
Cost: £1,350.00 ($1,930.10 approx)
Application deadline: 07 Jun 2018
Pre-departure training: 21 Jun 2018 - 23 Jun 2018 Teddington (GB)

Volunteer in Peru this summer and spend two weeks living and learning from our fantastic partner, WARMIS, in their effort to support rural communities. There's even an exciting renewable energy twist, so keep reading to find out more. 

WARMIS began when a group of women from a church in Cajamarca saw the needs of people in rural communities. They knew that they could do something and so they began running workshops teaching reading and writing, helping people grow in their Christian faith and develop handicraft skills. Since then, their work has expanded and they have also established initiatives to teach local farmers sustainable agricultural practices and techniques to manage their land, enabling them to feed their families and have enough leftover to sell at markets. They equip women with skills and confidence to establish their own businesses, providing women with an independent source of income. Through The Children of Hope project, WARMIS ensure that local young people grow up receiving a good education and job training.  

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Renewable energy kicks off

Over the past year, WARMIS have begun to work on renewable energy strategies that meet the needs of those who experience rural poverty in Peru. They have completed two solar panel installations at two schools in communities which WARMIS supports. The solar panels provide a reliable energy supply for the schools, enhancing the children's education and saving money in the long term. WARMIS have also led workshops at the schools, teaching the students about the benefits of renewable energy and the importance of caring for the environment. The solar panels can be maintained by the local community, empowering them to take ownership of the resource and ensuring the energy supply is sustainable for the long term.

WARMIS have also helped two communities in Sulluscocha and Valle Verde to build biodigesters. A biodigester is a tank that turns organic waste such as food or animal waste into organic fertiliser and gas. The fertiliser produced is free for the whole community to take as they need it. This saves farming families money, helps crop growth and doesn't damage the environment with harmful chemicals which are used in other fertilisers. In Sulluscocha the fertliser is used to grow crops for agriculture and in Valle Verde the fertiliser is used to grow grass to feed cows in the dairy community. The biogas produced is used for local cooking, lighting and energy needs. Each biodigester covers 50% of the community in which it's located. 

Solar panels and biodigesters are particularly useful in providing a sustainable and reliable source of energy for rural communities. The projects WARMIS run aim to break cycles of poverty and encourage villages to stand and work together. They restore hope in rural communities by inspiring people to use their own skills and resources to lift themselves out of poverty. 

So, are you ready?

Two weeks in Peru will both challenge you personally and stretch your faith. You will experience how the local church is at the heart of tackling poverty and injustice and have the chance to show God’s love in practical ways as you visit and learn from inspirational communities.

Who are we looking for?

Individuals who are flexible and adaptable and would love the chance to spend two weeks living in Peru, working in a team, alongside other volunteers and WARMIS staff.

WARMIS are particularly keen for volunteers with knowledge or experience of renewable energy, this could be through their school, education, home or work.'

Peru is a Spanish speaking country so a knowledge of some Spanish is an advantage. We ask all team leaders to be conversational in Spanish.

What will you be doing?

  • Supporting workshops with local communities, developing people’s understanding of the benefits of renewable energy.
  • Visiting communities that use Biodigesters to learn about renewable energy strategies that meet the needs of those who experience rural poverty.
  • Teaching English to local people who would not otherwise have access to English lessons
  • An optional project to fundraise for and help with the installation of solar panels to provide energy for a rural community.
  • Participating in the life of the local church including church services, worship, preaching or organising youth activities.
  • Using your individual skills to respond to need in the local community through the work of WARMIS.

*Please note…

The cost mentioned above includes pre-departure training, insurance, debrief, a medical package, administrative costs and in-country travel, accommodation and food.
Please note, flights, visas and vaccinations are not included.

For more information about additional costs, check out our ‘All you need to know’ section.

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The trip was incredible! It was challenging and emotional and I learnt so much about what it is to truly love people and how the love of Jesus can transform people’s lives. The trip was all about building up relationships with people and met many inspiring people who I will never forget.

Alice Wynne

An inspiring and life changing experience which I’m so glad I did. I’ve experienced things that I’ll never forget.

Sian Wilkins

Peru was amazing! There were highs and lows but it was so inspiring to see children and young people worshipping God amongst so much suffering. I loved trying to encourage the Peruvian we met on their journey with God.

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