2 weeks: Uganda 18
Trip date: 01 Jul 2018 - 14 Jul 2018
Cost: £1,350.00 ($1,874.34 approx)
Application deadline: 31 Mar 2018
Pre-departure training: 14 Apr 2018 - 15 Apr 2018 Oakwood, RG40 3DA (GB)
Interviews: 14 Apr 2018 - 15 Apr 2018 Tearfund (GB)

Everyone should have access to clean water and sanitation. Just imagine not being able to turn the tap on at home and get a cold, clean, glass of water. 

Ensuring access to and long-lasting management of water and sanitation, is the 6th Global Goal for Sustainable Development (SDG’s). In Uganda, Tearfund are aiming to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene for 120,000 people by 2021.

That’s why our partner, The North Kigezi and Kinkiizi Diocese (NKKD) Water and Sanitation Programme, is working tirelessly to see whole communities have access to this basic need.

And now we’re offering you the opportunity to work alongside our partners in North Kigezi, helping families to get the information and services they need to stay healthy and for their children to get a good education.

Many children spend so long collecting water for their families, that they miss out on time spent in school.

Meet Doreen and her sister who spend four hours a day collecting water for their family:

Who are we looking for?

Individuals who are willing and flexible and would love the chance to spend two weeks living in Uganda, working in a team, alongside other volunteers and Kigezi staff.

What will you be doing? 

  • Working alongside local builders to construct life-changing water facilities - including Gravity Flow Systems and rainwater catchment systems
  • Participating in the life of the local church; attending church services, leading services, preaching and teaching at the Sunday school
  • Helping to lead basic health and personal hygiene workshops for children to get the information they need to stay healthy
  • Spending time building relationships with young people and encouraging each other through Bible studies.

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We were given the most wonderfful welcome at Wellspring and Tororo. I enjoyed every moment of our visit and it was an experience I will never forget.

Amanda Williams

It was amazing! Definitely the best 3 months of my life. The team was brilliant, the culture was so great and different. The work was fantastic. Spending our time and energy and money on helping others in such a practical way was so rewarding. I really miss it, I wish it had been longer.

Gina Ling

WOW! What an inspiring, humbling, exciting and incredibly varied experience. I have come away with an excellent overview of the outstanding work of JCM, spending lots of time with the JCM outreach workers on the bus journeys, visiting Self Help Groups. It was a real honour.

Anna Ryder
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