Info for parents

Does a young person you know want to volunteer?

If you’re a parent, carer or youth leader, you’ll naturally have questions and concerns about sending your young person off travelling abroad. We’re with them – and you – every step of the way.

What will they be doing?

Working alongside communities around the world who are tackling poverty and injustice. Exactly what they do will depend on where they go and for how long, but in general they will be supporting our partner organisations in their chosen country. This can include working with children to expand their education, teaching English, running sports activities and delivering Bible studies. Some placements focus on disaster prevention, others on access to clean water or healthcare.

It’s an opportunity for them to see God at work and grow in faith and character. They’ll make new friends, gain an understanding of different cultures, learn about international development and grow in confidence.

Will they get training and support?

We make sure all our volunteers receive the support and training they need before they travel. This includes preparing for a new culture and learning how to keep themselves safe.

All of our volunteers take part in our pre-departure training, to prepare for their placement and to meet the team they’ll be with. They’ll be given full details on their destination country, including advice on how to stay healthy, as well as safety and security information. We also offer a debrief session on return to the UK, which is a great opportunity to renew friendships, review your experience and thank God for all he has done.

Will they be safe?

The safety of our volunteers is our primary consideration. Before we send a team abroad, we consult our own staff in our regional offices along with the Tearfund partner in the destination country, as well as scrutinising the latest Foreign Office advice. If we are not happy with the security situation we may need to cancel a placement.

All our team leaders are fully briefed on emergency procedures and can contact us anytime. Once a team has arrived the team leader carries out a risk assessment, which is then reported to us.

The Global Volunteering Team have a travel health nurse who works with us to ensure every volunteer is healthy and fit to travel, making individual adjustments where necessary.

Do you have further questions?

If you have any other questions, we’re always here to help. Just visit our FAQs page or contact us to find out more.