It only took one duck

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Beth Saunders spent three months volunteering in Tanzania. Here she shares how one duck has changed the life of an entire family. Read the short story or watch the video.

This story is celebrating the role that churches are playing in mobilising their communities to join self-help groups and start saving together.

Beth tells us more...

'We went round different churches and heard lots of stories about how CCMP (Church and community mobilisation) has helped people. One really lovely story was about a lady. At first she didn’t trust the self-help groups - where people pay a little bit of money each week to the group and then if someone wants to start a business they can apply for a loan, which they can then pay back little by little. But through the Bible studies run by the church she learnt that perfect love casts out all fear. She trusted God and it has changed her life.'

In the beginning the lady borrowed some money and bought a duck. A couple of months later she had 16 ducklings. Later she sold them and was able to buy a goat. Through that first simple loan, she is now able to support her family.

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