Policy and research

Tearfund engages in research and policy work on four main global development themes as well as numerous regional issues. We work with partner organisations, NGOs and governments, specialising in areas which are priorities for poor communities and where we can have the greatest impact.

The effects of climate change include food insecurity, reduced water availability, ill health, loss of biodiversity, and an increase in extreme weather events - all of which hit the poorest hardest.

Disaster Risk Reduction refers to measures used to reduce disaster losses. It is a key tool for delivering adaptation to climate change.

Almost 1 billion people cannot access nutritious food and they go hungry, despite the international commitment to reduce by half the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by 2015. The poorest are affected, with the challenges of volatile food and energy prices, climate change and competition for land.

Poor governance has a negative impact on the poor. Poor governance is a product of dysfunctional relationships between the state and its citizens.

An estimated 42 million people are currently living with HIV worldwide, with more than 4.3 million new infections in 2006. HIV is exacerbated by poverty, which accelerates the spread and impact of the virus. Over 95% of people with HIV and AIDS are from low income countries.

Water and sanitation cuts through the centre of development work. It is integral to health, nutrition, education, livelihoods, gender equality, and the environment. Without good management of water resources, and access to water and sanitation, poverty eradication will not happen.