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Your step-by-step guide

Step one – sign up. Sign up using our simple form. Easy-peasy skinny-jeans squeezy.

Step two – customise and share your JustGiving page. We’ll create this for you as soon as you sign up (we’re cool like that). This will make getting sponsorship from your friends, family and pastor’s orthodontist a breeze. Maybe ask a keen friend to donate straight away (or even donate to yourself) as this will encourage others to pile in with their own donations.

Step three – pick your ten items! We’ve got some tips (and example wardrobes) to help you choose below. If you want to take your challenge to the next level, why not team up with some friends and pick each others’? It might be a good idea to put all your other clothes away in sealed boxes to avoid temptation!

Step four – get your team together. Challenges are better when we take them on together. Get your family, friends and colleagues (maybe even your whole church!) involved – more people = more fun, more donations and more lives transformed.

Step five – share your progress. Use the hashtag #GreatFashionFast to share your progress and see what the rest of The Great Fashion Fast community is up to. You can share your outfit choices, share tips and keep asking (nicely) for that all-important sponsorship. We also have a rather lovely Facebook group filled with people from all over the UK who are taking part.

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How to pick your items

Versatility is key

Choose items that are suitable for lots of different occasions, and match well with the other items you’re picking (unless you’re into crazy clashes, in which case, no judgement).

Consider the weather

If you're taking the challenge during winter, a jumper/snuggly cardigan and a coat are a must!

Plan ahead

You could make a weekly schedule of exactly what outfits you’re going to wear each day. It might be helpful to plan out when you’re going to do your washes too. To make your clothes washes more sustainable, could you team up with some family or friends to combine them?

Think about skin contact

No, not holding hands. Though that’s nice too. Clothes that touch your skin (for example T-shirts) will need to be washed more than those that don’t (e.g. jumpers), so you’ll need more of them.

Have fun with it!

Clothes are fun – and having less choice can increase chances for experimentation! You might even find that you need far less than you thought...

The Great Fashion Fast wardrobe ideas

Wardrobe one: Stylish Simon

Wardrobe one: Stylish Simon

Wardrobe two: Fashionista Felicia

Wardrobe two: Fashionista Felicia

Wardrobe three: Comfy Chris

Wardrobe three: Comfy Chris

Wardrobe four: Socialite Sarita

Wardrobe four: Socialite Sarita

Wardrobe five: Versatile Vanya

Wardrobe five: Versatile Vanya

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