A future to live for

Tearfund's Appeal

Nadine dreams of a future for her child, two-year-old Mauwa. However the odds are stacked against them. Where they live – by the rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo – they don’t have the simple tools to farm the land and grow food.

Instead children like Mauwa from the Mbuti pygmy tribe face a life of exploitation at the hands of the neighbouring tribes. They work for scraps of food, or even leaves, to eat. This is unjust and no way for children to live.

But their lives can change. With only a few tools and some basic training, the Mbuti could farm their own land. They could eat all they need, and break free from their poverty. And Mauwa – once grown up – would escape a life of exploitation.

Your gift could make the dreams of mothers, like Nadine, a reality – giving Mauwa, and children like her around the world, a future to truly live for.

Tearfund's Appeal
could provide a family with the tools and seeds they need to farm for themselves.
could provide two families with training in farming techniques.
could pay for 10 people to attend a workshop addressing relationships between the Pygmy and neighbouring communities.
or make a regular gift