Building for the future

building for the future

Sandip lives in Nepal with his family. He loves studying and dreams, one day, of becoming a doctor.

Just four years ago, however, Sandip and his family faced the most unthinkable tragedy...

In August 2014, devastating monsoon floods hit Nepal and took everything; sweeping away Sandip’s village, the family home and, most tragically, the life of his father. Sandip was just seven years old.

Yet, even in the midst of such unbearable loss, God, in his relentless love, has always been there.

Thanks to a Tearfund partner, Sandip and his family received the help they needed and, in collaboration with the local church, were built a new home. The pastor of the church also came alongside Sandip and helped him with his studies – taking him one step closer to his dream of helping others.

Your gift today could help someone like Sandip build for the future and find hope amidst disaster.

building for the future
could set up a school club, preparing vulnerable children on how to respond if a disaster strikes.
could enable four children to attend school by covering the cost of their fees and stationery.
could train a community in life saving first aid and search and rescue skills, ready for when disaster strikes.