In Burundi, it’s estimated one in every six children under five years of age is now suffering from chronic malnutrition*.

Gordien had walked for an hour and a half, up and down steep hills, carrying his two-year-old daughter on his back. He arrived at our partner’s temporary feeding centre in Songa to discover she was suffering from malnutrition, like so many in Burundi.

For parents like Gordien, the feeding centres are a ray of hope in a dark and turbulent time.

Tearfund is working alongside two partner organisations to bring much-needed food supplies and training.

A gift today of £42 could bring a child safely back to health by providing them with eight weeks of nutritious food.

The feeding centres are a true lifeline to thousands of vulnerable children.

Your donation today could help us reach so many more vulnerable people in Burundi and neighbouring Rwanda.

Thank you for your support.

*US Agency for International Development

Money raised will help those most vulnerable in Burundi, and in neighbouring Rwanda.

Burundi Crisis Appeal
could restore a child’s health by providing them with eight weeks of nutritious food and vitamins to treat malnutrition.
could provide seeds for four families to grow their own peanuts and vegetables, reducing the risk of slipping back into malnutrition.
could help a pregnant or breastfeeding mother attend a eight-week programme, where she will receive food and training in nutrition.