Video appeal from Tearfund's Sierra Leone representative Francis Wahome. Download video.

Some of the poorest countries in West Africa face a long road to recovery after the Ebola outbreak which has claimed more than 11,000 deaths, mainly in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Tearfund’s efforts are focused on hygiene education, the distribution of hygiene kits, food, everyday essentials and psychosocial support in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Church leaders are playing a key role informing their congregations and communities about Ebola prevention messages, as well as tackling misinformation and stigma. Churches and partners are distributing food and everyday essentials to Ebola survivors, treatment centres and quarantined communities/households. Ebola orphans are also being supported.

The challenge is huge. But with your help, local churches can support those affected by the outbreak as well as sharing life-saving help and advice to prevent Ebola spreading further.

In the unlikely event that we reach our target, your gift will be used where the need is greatest in the region


For your church

PowerPoint - This prayer resource is for you to use and adapt as part of a Sunday church service, prayer meeting or in a small group.

Giving envelopes - Emergency Appeal donation envelopes makes sure Tearfund can claim Gift Aid on appeal donations.


A4 Poster - To be displayed in your public space encouraging people to text and donate.

Gift Aid Forms - Downloadable and printable gift aid forms to be added to postal donations meaning Tearfund can claim Gift Aid.

Ebola crisis appeal video for use in your church or small group.


This prayer story with prayer points could be used during personal devotion times or to help to inform a corporate times of prayer.

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