On Saturday 22 December, Indonesia was hit by a devastating tsunami caused by a volcanic eruption. The waves crashed through towns on the Sundra Strait between Java and Sumatra, at night and with no warning. More than 430 people have been killed, with many thousands more affected.

Many communities in Indonesia were still reeling from the tsunami back in September. Our partners and church networks have been helping communities recover and rebuild following the September tsunami, and are now working hard to respond to this latest disaster.


As a result of these tsunamis, many buildings have been badly damaged or destroyed. Thousands of homes have collapsed along with hospitals, hotels and shops. Livelihoods have been swept away by the waters.

As search and rescue efforts continue following the most recent disaster, our local partners are helping to provide essential aid, such as the provision of clean water.

Again, please give what you can today. And please pray for those affected and those responding.

A prayer for you to use as an individual or as a church:

Lord God, 

For many of us, it’s hard to imagine what the people of Indonesia are feeling right now. They have suffered so much this year. But you know and love every person there, and you are with them. 

We pray that those who are mourning or scared will feel your divine peace and comfort. We ask that those responding will be blessed with your wisdom and strength. And we lift up the leaders of Indonesia, praying they’ll act quickly to help those in most need. 

In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

In the unlikely event that we raise more than is needed to support these partners, your gift will be spent on similar emergency responses and to prevent the impact of disasters on other vulnerable communities.

the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal