Saying yes to life continues here

Our hope is that this book has inspired you to see what changes you can make to say yes to life.

This is a world of wounds. It can be all too easy to bury our heads in the sand, focus on our own lives and forget to engage with the issues we’ve touched upon in Saying yes to life. Especially when they require us to make changes, personally and in our churches and broader society.




What’s next for you and your church?

In the book we saw examples of what churches have begun doing to help care for the environment. What changes could you make or suggest in your local church?

At Tearfund we talk about Pray, Act, Give – three areas in which we can make changes and see life-giving differences.


Set up a prayer room to pray for our planet. Join people around the world praying for people in poverty who are already deeply impacted by the climate crisis.

Get involved


Use your voice to push for vital change by joining the Rubbish Campaign.

Join the campaign


Climate change pushes the poorest people back into poverty. Give to Tearfund today to support projects that tackle climate change and help those in great need.

Donate now

For even more resources, visit the SPCK website.

Saying yes to life book tour – you’re invited.

Ruth Valerio, author of Saying yes to life and Tearfund’s Director of Global Advocacy and Influencing, will be speaking across the UK on the challenges in this book. Come along, and invite your friends and church too.

Resurrection churches, resurrection lives. This is the calling that is on us as we look at all that God has made and say yes to life.