Crops just weren't growing

The destruction of trees in Pastor Emmanuel’s community – for firewood and to make way for new roads – is having a big effect. Air quality is affected and soil loses essential nutrients. As a result, harvests are poor. He says, ‘With the degradation of the soil, it is very hard for people to grow good crops. It continues to get worse and worse.’

‘When trees are cut down, the whole environment is a mess.’


The church was mobilised

But, Pastor Emmanuel says that since training started three years ago, it has been a wonderful tool for his church. They have learnt how to identify their own needs, and discover what they can do themselves to make their situation better. One of the things that they are trying to do is to improve the environment – by planting tree saplings.

‘It’s important that we plant trees; then we will have good harvests.’

New beginnings and a brand new start

With deforestation a real issue in Nigeria, the planting of saplings – that will, in turn, grow into strong, healthy trees – is an exciting venture. As the trees grow, the soil will become fertile, which will help the community with future crops and harvests. Pastor Emmanuel says, ‘It [the trees] will help the soil and help even the whole village.’

Your gift is powerful in God's hands.

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