Amy Church

Amy is Tearfund’s Copy Team Leader. This means she writes a lot, and looks after a group of other people who write a lot too. It also means she consumes approximately a quarter of a gallon of coffee and half a gallon of tea per day.

Amy loves her work, and scribed her way around a number of other not-for-profits before joining Tearfund in 2009. She is also mummy to a beautiful little girl, wife to a brilliant man, and enjoys London, travel, books and shopping.

    • The power to learn

      Imagine how much less you would get done, if you couldn’t just flick on the light switch when it got dark. This is the challenge facing the one in seven people around the world who lack electricity. Some of those worst affected are school children.

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    • Fifty years, fifty countries: Niger

      Niger is a landlocked country in West Africa, named after the River Niger. It’s the largest country in this part of Africa, and one of the world’s poorest. Of its 19 million population, 46 per cent of people suffer from chronic malnutrition, and access to basics such as safe sanitation and education is shockingly low.

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    • Violette in Burundi

      Too hungry not to hike

      Violette has come to our Burundian partner’s emergency feeding centre with her youngest son, Eduard. I ask how far she has come, and she tells me she has walked between two and three hours to get…

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    • Man wearing hat holds baby

      The dad who dared to be different

      Gordien is easy to spot at the emergency feeding centre, as he’s the only man. There are pregnant women, new mums, grandmas, aunts and many, many children and babies… and there is Gordien. Sure, there are a couple of men observing from a distance, but Gordien is the only one taking part, with his little daughter, Donate, in his arms.

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