Andrew Horton

Andrew is Online News and Film Editor for Tearfund. This involves finding and writing up inspiring articles for the website, and capturing compelling stories on video.

He trained as a broadcast journalist and has worked in local and national newsrooms, as well as local TV. Claims to fame include performing stand-up comedy in front of 200 people and dabbling in viral social media (taking the first photo of London’s infamous anti-homeless spikes, which was then reposted over 100,000 times). He also wrote Easter (LIVE), the first real-time passion play told on Twitter.

    • Jilbert cycling on his taxi

      Taxi for everyone

      Jilbert used to live on the streets in a small town in eastern Rwanda. He fled home because his parents were beating him – it was too much. He was just eight years old. ‘I didn't have anywhere to…

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    • Learning to farm again

      Victoria hums softly to herself as she carefully fills her watering can. The Malawian grandmother has a flourishing vegetable garden. And she can now plant and harvest all year round, thanks to the…

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    • Christ and the climate crisis

      How our faith can ease eco-anxiety It was a sunny day across much of the UK, as thousands of children and many adults took to the streets on Friday 20 September. But it wasn’t the sun that brought us…

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    • Malawi stoves

      A slow burning success

      An innovative way to cook food is being used in Malawi and it’s being championed by a young environmentalist, who was trained by Tearfund.

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    • Distribution in Mozambique

      Cyclone Idai: six months on

      As the flood waters rose, Paulo was trapped in his home. Cyclone Idai was tearing through his village in Mozambique. The 35-year-old lost a leg when he was a soldier and uses a crutch to help him…

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