Ben Niblett

Ben is a senior campaigner in Tearfund's advocacy team. He loves stirring people up to make the world a fairer place, and helping Christians to get politicians to listen. He's won campaigns on climate change, water and sanitation and corruption. He’s lost one on trade rules. Before Tearfund he worked for an MP, for Jubilee 2000, and for the RNIB. His least favourite job was hop picking.

Ben lives in Staines, the home of democracy (the Magna Carta was signed there. Well, a few miles down the river from there, anyway). He has three children and is married to a medic.

Ben's mostly been a member of Anglican churches, but also the Church of Scotland when he lived in Glasgow, and an Icthus church when he lived in Leeds.

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      COP In

      Tearfund's Ben Niblett has been to the COP23 climate conference in Bonn and says he is still hopeful for the future of our planet.

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