Meet Moses

Like many 12-year-olds, Moses loves football and dreams big. Poverty is what inspires his ambition to become a doctor – and it’s poverty that threatens to thwart him.

Malaria is rife in Ogongora and the whole family has suffered bouts of the disease. Food has been scarce.

‘At times, I’ve had so little to eat that my stomach and face swelled up,’ says Moses.

But, gradually, things are changing.

Tearfund’s partner, the Pentecostal Assemblies of God, has been providing training to help families improve their situation.

By learning to use his own skills and resources, Moses’s father is providing for his family, through carpentry and working the land.

Food is still far from plentiful. Half their last harvest was eaten by termites so the family need to build a brick floor to keep their crops safe.

‘But the church’s training has changed my father’s mind about our problems,’ says Moses. ‘He says that God has heard his prayers.’

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