Evelyn dreams of becoming a nurse and building a hospital in her community.

Such ambitions could seem vain. Her family has broken down, leaving her mother struggling to feed four daughters.

Cajamarca, where Evelyn lives, is a world away from the place of her dreams. Malnutrition and family breakdown are widespread; education is inadequate.

Yet, with the support of Tearfund’s partner, Warmis, Evelyn and family may yet escape the grip of poverty.

Warmis runs sewing and literacy classes to help women, including Evelyn’s mum and grandma, increase their earnings – so Evelyn can eat better food and do well at school.

It also runs a weekly children’s club, where Evelyn and friends learn about the Bible, have fun and receive extra tuition.

Warmis’s aim is to hand all this work over in time to the local church – so they can reach out practically, as well as spiritually, to help children like Evelyn fulfil their dreams

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