Miguel has a clear vision for his work with poor farming families in Cajamarca: to give people hope and help them stay on the land of their birth.

Life in rural Peru is tough. Malnutrition and food shortages are rife; climate change is making things worse. ‘Farming families face big challenges,’ says Miguel. ‘Seeds and soils are changing so practices need to improve.’

Miguel works with Tearfund partner Warmis to teach farmers better techniques and trains women and children in skills that will help them generate reliable, sustainable incomes.

‘This work brings joy and hope. People can sow and be happy on the land where they were born.’

Miguel, his wife, Miriam, and their two children are the perfect example of what can happen when Christians decide to live sacrificially, in community, and serve God by reaching out to the poor.

‘I feel that this work is fruitful because it’s God work,’ he says.

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