Nelida is driven by the hope that her daughter, Alicia, will have a life very different from her own.

Nelida has struggled to survive as a farmer nearly all her life. Here, high up in the Peruvian Andes, living off the land is precarious. Drought threatens crops and limits opportunities for children like Alicia. Rural schooling is basic.

But Nelida wants more for her daughter.

Now, Tearfund partner Warmis is helping women like her gain the skills they need to provide for their children, including basic literacy.

For Alicia, this is life-changing. ‘Now I’m teaching my little girl. I don’t want Alicia to have the same life as me. I want the best for her. This is why I do all I can to earn enough so my daughter can go to school and better herself.’

Nelida’s love and determination – and Warmis’s support – may yet see her ambitions for Alicia being realised.

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