'We can’t go on without the word of God,’ says Olga. And she means it, literally.

Each morning, this grandmother in her 70s wakes, lights the fire, cooks and then starts work in the fields in Cajamarca, trying to tease crops from tired soil.

But a lifetime of hard work has left her weakened and frustrated. When the rains fail, so do their crops. She fears she may lose the battle to support herself.

But Olga is not giving up, and her faith remains strong and defiant. ‘There are times when there’s not enough and we are sad. But God watches over us and listens to us.’

The local church has been able to offer Olga and her family vital practical and spiritual help. They have helped them overcome some of the problems with the land, and are committed to being the answer to Olga’s prayers for support and company.

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