Make a difference

Sarah Hawkins, Tearfund Rhythms
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Sometimes it feels like our random acts of kindness go unnoticed. We often end up thinking ‘what was the point?’ Well this article is here to show you how even the tiniest of actions can really make a difference, even if we can’t see the immediate effect.

The Tearfund Youth and Emerging Generation team have created a fantastic new website and phone app (launching really soon!) which gives us tonnes of ideas that will enable us to help and encourage others. Just a simple everyday act like opening the door for someone is a way of showing God’s love by putting someone else’s needs before your own. Here is a selection of five different actions you can do in just a day:

Step 1: Buy a Big Issue
Buy a copy of The Big Issue and make a real effort to talk to the seller. Big Issue sellers are often passed by and ignored, so you could really lift their day by taking the time to ask them how they are.

Step 2: Clean Up Your Closet
Go through your possessions and give all the stuff you don’t need to charity. There are plenty of charity shops to choose from, or you could simply pop them into the clothes bank at your nearest supermarket. You’ll surprise yourself with just how much stuff you can give away! 61% of clothes from these banks are exported to other countries so what you considered a waste of wardrobe space is now cherished by someone in need.

Step 3: Hold the Door Open for Someone
Holding the door open for someone is just something men do in the movies, right? Guess again! Simply holding the door open for someone shows that you are putting the needs of others before your own. Actions speak louder than words and this one reflects our love for God in our desire to serve others.

Step 4: Tea Time Anyone?
Nothing can put a smile on your face quite like a cup of tea. So today, why not be the first to offer to make drinks for people at work or at home? You will be blessing others with this servant attitude, and it’s a fantastic and simple way of showing others that you appreciate and care about them.

Step 5: Text-a-coffee
Next time you pop into that coffee shop down the road, choose not to buy your regular cup of coffee so that you can donate via text message instead. Here’s a few details to help:

Text TEARFUND Coffee1 to 70444

Text Costs £3 plus network charge. Tearfund receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payers permission. Charity No 265464.

So there you go, five ways in which you can make a difference, in just one day! These acts may not seem world changing, but we now know that they can be. The actions change us and change the world. What better way to worship our awesome God than to show His love to people all over the globe in our everyday lives, through small, simple actions that make a difference.