• A loo lease of life

    Five years ago, Sita was suicidal. She and her husband were deep in debt. A new loo gave them a new lease of life.

  • Aksa

    Seeds of hope for Aksa

    Aksa from rural Tanzania struggled to grow enough food to feed her children. Then she learned the secret of 'farming God's way'.

  • Creation Care

    How New Wine is caring for creation

    Nadine from Tearfund recently caught up with Jules, Director of Operations at New Wine (a network of more than 2,000 churches in the UK), to hear her thoughts on how New Wine is responding to the environmental crisis.

  • Christ and the climate crisis

    How our faith can ease eco-anxiety It was a sunny day across much of the UK, as thousands of children and many adults took to the streets…

  • Ruling the roost

    Justin knew he had a good business idea. Not only would it bring him a solid income, it was also something he’d enjoy doing. But to get any…

  • Paint rollers

    What Albert did for love

    Albert would do anything for love. He followed his beloved to church every Sunday. Then he started going on Wednesdays too. That's when things got really interesting...

  • Church roof and cross at dusk

    Is Sally Challen in your church?

    Sally Challen probably doesn’t go to your church. She might, but since there are a lot of churches and her faith is her own business, we won’t presume...

  • Lamp illuminating pages of a book.

    Blind... but not without vision

    Everyone said it couldn’t be done. They told her she was blind – but really, they were the ones who couldn’t see. Ariana* is 11 years old.…

  • What about us?

    Reflection on why we do (or should do) what we do to help those in situations we wouldn't want to find ourselves in.

  • Malawi stoves

    A slow burning success

    An innovative way to cook food is being used in Malawi and it’s being championed by a young environmentalist, who was trained by Tearfund.