Latest from Northern Ireland

  • Bringing light to our lobbying

    Sarah, from the Tearfund Action team shares how last week’s World Bank meetings gave us a crucial opportunity to talk in detail to World Bank officials about our campaign to Light up the Darkness.

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  • Rewired for sound

    A group Sir Cliff supporters hatch an ingenious plan mark the singer’s 60 years in showbiz. The plan goes better than expected and Tearfund benefits to the tune of a few grand.

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  • Sign the petition with your smile

    Right now, the World Bank is gathering for its annual meeting and it has the power to make a difference to millions of people living in poverty. Join in and reply to this video with your own video or photo, calling on the World Bank to light up the darkness.

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  • Labour of love

    Meet Tearfund’s Supporter Care team. They laugh, they pray, they eat cookies. You’ll love them. Team member Taryn Willmer describes life in…

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  • Switching on the world and turning up the potential

    Flick a switch, and your kitchen is flooded with light. At the press of a button your living room fills with music. You only need to turn a dial and your house begins to warm up. So many of us only think about energy when it doesn’t work, or when we are faced with a larger bill than usual. Yet energy can do way more than light up our homes and keep us warm.

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  • Indonesian churches respond amid tsunami destruction

    More than 1,400 people are so far confirmed to have died, and more than 70,000 people displaced, when a six-metre-high tsunami hit Palu on Friday 28 September. The death toll is expected to continue to rise.

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