Latest from Northern Ireland

  • A Stitch in Time

    Joel Lines came on a Tearfund Go placement to lend a hand at a school in a remote South African village. His team noticed something was holding the girls back from their learning though. It was a simple problem and together they worked out a simple solution.

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  • Mushrooms, monks and the miracle tree

    A barber and mushroom farmer from Cambodia loses hope when he’s let down by a spiritual healer, but is saved when he gets introduced to an extraordinary tree. Sounds like fiction, but it's reality for Devi and his wife Sikha.

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  • Inspired to go

    Here are three people who went on a Tearfund volunteering placement and came back inspired to do bold and exciting new things.

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  • In the Father's arms

    Omar’s daughter couldn’t walk, and no one knew why. When the time came for them to flee war-torn Syria, he had to carry her to safety – more than 300 miles away. Tens of thousands of refugees continue to pour out of Syria and sub-Saharan Africa. Many of the countries hosting refugees lack the infrastructure and finance to look after them, so many families fall through the cracks. That’s what happened to Omar* and his family.

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