Stories about: Nigeria

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  • Respect to Ruth

    When we first met Ruth in a poor community in Nigeria, she spoke of lying awake at night worrying about how she would provide food for her children.…

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  • Peace for Oluchi

    Violent conflict left Oluchi a widow. Bitter and angry, she struggled to sleep. It is in forgiveness that she has found peace and new hope. In the wake of such traumatic events, often the deepest scars are those we cannot see.

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  • Choosing to forgive

    This story contains details of violence that some readers may find upsetting. It was late evening when Joel saw lights in the neighbouring village.…

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Nigeria

    Despite its immense resources Nigeria suffers from widespread poverty. Years of debilitating military rule have left its people vulnerable to corruption, economic instability and human rights violations. More than 7 million people in the north east of Nigeria are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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  • A friend in need

    Ruth and her eight-year-old daughter did not know they were HIV positive until Ruth was tested during her third pregnancy. ‘It was very hard for me –…

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