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  • In all things, give thanks

    Yolande lives in Bangui, the capital and largest city of the Central African Republic (CAR). Life has not been easy for Yolande. At 43 years old, she…

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  • Photo of Geena by Hazel Thompson

    Light in deep darkness

    When armed groups attacked her village in March 2016, Geena, a widowed mother of six, fled with her family into the surrounding bush. They cut down bamboo leaves for bedding and ate forest leaves and roots they dug up by hand.

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  • Teaming up for peace

    The sun is beating down on the red soil, which is kicked up in clouds as the ball lands and feet scramble for a last chance. The whistle blows. The match is over. A massive cheer goes up from the stand and Lazaro and Abdou* – hot and tired – shake hands.

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  • Spreading the (peanut butter) love

    Think peanut butter is nothing more than something you put on your toast? Think again. One woman from the Central African Republic has been using the humble spread to lift herself out of poverty and rediscover her strength.

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  • A Healing of the Heart

    For several years, the Central African Republic has been torn apart by conflict. A conflict that resulted in the killing of civilians, and the burning and looting of houses.

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  • Out of the woods

    Yamite is 25 years old and a mother of four. Like any mother will tell you, life with small children is loud, busy and messy. But, thankfully for Yamite, not quite as messy as it could be.

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  • The camp for displaced people

    Lock and Key

    Ericaine’s life has been devastated. Three padlocks give her dignity. Warning: contains descriptions of murder and sexual violence.

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