Stories about: Great Britain

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  • Street debate: Photo by Flikr, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Divided we fall

    With another election imminent, the UK is becoming increasingly angry and divided as a nation. How should Christians contribute to an increasingly hostile debate?

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  • Coke bottle with paper message inside

    Sending out an SOS

    Coca Cola has been named as the world's biggest plastic polluter. We want Tearfund supporters to give the Coca-Cola Company a cool, refreshing talking-to.

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  • Natalie with a globe

    Changing course

    How 27 year old Natalie left a job in marketing and sailing across the Atlantic with 40 complete strangers. All to speak out about climate change.

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  • man jumping into water

    My awfully big adventure

    We asked our supporters to tell us a story about their biggest adventure. Here are some of the funniest, saddest, most awe-inspiring replies we got.

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  • Malcolm's hands on the keyboard of Wells Cathedral

    Organ donor

    Tearfund supporter marks his 70th birthday by playing 70 different pipe organs in 70 different churches – from Penzance to Norway. And he raises lots of money for Tearfund.

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  • Church spire poking out of luminous clouds set against stars.

    Faith Matters

    Why does it matter that Tearfund is a Christian organisation? Our supporters share their thoughts and open their hearts.

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