Stories about: Afghanistan

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  • Latrine building

    Comfort and joy

    Even a short wait for the loo can feel like an eternity. For the women of Sangtu Miana in Afghanistan, the wait could last a very long time.

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  • Hands holding a bar of soap

    Next to Godliness

    Some people are never without their fitness trackers. Zargul from rural Afghanistan has a ‘wellness tracker’ and she keeps it in her pocket. ‘I carry…

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  • Fifty years fifty countries Afghanistan

    Tearfund has been working in Afghanistan since 1971. This is a country of majestic mountain ranges and magnificent lakes, but its beauty has been marred by decades of strife. Images of pain, poverty and a seemingly hopeless cycle of conflict are more often associated with this country.

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  • Close up of hand sewing using sewing machine


    When tragedy strikes her family, a young girl from Afghanistan has to leave home and take a job doing hard manual labour. When she is finally able to return, her family force her into marriage. These experiences leave her feeling helpless and afraid; yet the opportunity for restoration and redemption is closer than she thinks.

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  • Teacher with children

    Hear my prayer

    For decades schools in Afghanistan stood empty. Then, at the turn of the millennium, the Taliban rule collapsed. Aid poured into the country and schools reopened. But for Kalan, aged 16, from Kabul, and thousands like him, nothing changed. ‘I was born deaf,’ he says, ‘so I couldn’t go to school.’

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  • Unashamed

    Twenty-year-old Hamidullah* from Afghanistan is just like any other young man: he loves riding his bike, spending time with his friends and working part-time as a mechanic. However, just two years ago, doing these things often seemed impossible.

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  • Afghan mother standing in rubble embracing her young son

    Afghanistan Regeneration

    A grandmother from rural Afghanistan loses her daughter at the moment she is to become a grandmother. But she vows that she won’t lose her precious…

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  • A teenage boy Abdul standing at the front of a classroom signing the word hello

    Signing In

    Meet 13 year-old Abdul from Afghanistan. He's bright and hardworking. He is also deaf – that can mean no education and no future...

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