Stories about: Burundi

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  • Cynthia in profile

    Hidden in plain sight

    For 15 years Cynthia was violently abused by her husband. The whole village knew about it and so did the church. Warning: contains mentions of gender-based violence

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  • The doctor and the pastor

    Written by Tearfund’s Amy Church, following a trip to Burundi. I met Dr Bosco and Pastor Vincent in Songa, rural Burundi. Bosco was in full flow when…

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  • Violette in Burundi

    Too hungry not to hike

    Violette has come to our Burundian partner’s emergency feeding centre with her youngest son, Eduard. I ask how far she has come, and she tells me she…

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  • Man wearing hat holds baby

    The dad who dared to be different

    Gordien is easy to spot at the emergency feeding centre, as he’s the only man. There are pregnant women, new mums, grandmas, aunts and many, many children and babies… and there is Gordien. Sure, there are a couple of men observing from a distance, but Gordien is the only one taking part, with his little daughter, Donate, in his arms.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Burundi

    Burundi, in East Africa, is one of the poorest nations in the world. The mostly rural population are almost entirely reliant on agriculture for their income. However, over-exploitation of the land has resulted in soil infertility, leading to widespread food shortages. Climate change and political instability have only made the situation worse, with many families fleeing to neighbouring countries. This is what led to Beni* being abandoned.

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  • Sunrise painting by Elizabeth Hill

    Inspired to go

    Here are three people who went on a Tearfund volunteering placement and came back inspired to do bold and exciting new things.

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  • Women and Children in Burundi

    Remember Burundi

    The future continues to be uncertain and fear is widespread in Burundi. Tensions remain following the violence that erupted in 2015, and millions are struggling to find food while hundreds of thousands have been displaced from their homes.

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  • New life in a bowl this Christmas

    Even before this conflict, Burundi was the third poorest country on earth. Now, people are facing a rise in food prices, a lack of availability and little knowledge of nutrition.

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  • boy eating porridge

    Burundi – Creating a Stir

    Anaclet and Nizigiyimana's baby son was so weak that people told them to 'throw him away'. They're glad they didn't because help was at hand. Hope is…

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