Stories about: Nepal

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  • Lack of toilets is out of order

    Over two billion people around the world lack access to a safe, clean toilet of their own. It’s bad news for every one of those people. However it…

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  • Paul with bike

    Young dynamo

    A twelve-year-old boy cycles 50 miles for our Tsunami appeal. He has a surprising reason for doing it…

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  • Switching on the world and turning up the potential

    Flick a switch, and your kitchen is flooded with light. At the press of a button your living room fills with music. You only need to turn a dial and your house begins to warm up. So many of us only think about energy when it doesn’t work, or when we are faced with a larger bill than usual. Yet energy can do way more than light up our homes and keep us warm.

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  • Finding courage when so much has been lost

    The 25 April 2015 promised to be a good day for Samjana, because she had a day’s work lined up on a local farm. Although low paid, farming work was always welcome – if not always available. A day’s work might only bring in 300 rupees (about £2) but it was essential to help feed and clothe her three young children.

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  • The power to learn

    Imagine how much less you would get done, if you couldn’t just flick on the light switch when it got dark. This is the challenge facing the one in seven people around the world who lack electricity. Some of those worst affected are school children.

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  • Fifty years, Fifty countries: Nepal

    Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia. With a lack of essential electricity and water, high levels of unemployment and widespread corruption, a quarter of the population live in extreme poverty – surviving on the equivalent of less than £1.45 a day.

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  • Indian family

    Family snapshots

    Most parents would like to give their children a better start in life. However, for the 767 million worldwide who live below the international…

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  • Unstoppable Love

    It’s hard to imagine suddenly losing one of your parents and your home. But this is what happened to young Sandip*, from a small village in western Nepal. In August 2014 the unthinkable happened: catastrophic flooding destroyed 3,000 homes, including Sandip’s. And the flood took something even more precious from him – his father.

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  • Alina

    Alina’s life changed twice thanks to Tearfund’s partner and the local church, and today Alina is a successful businesswoman with a thriving shop. Not only has this helped them become more secure financially, it has also brought the whole family together. But it was not always like that...

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