Stories about: Lebanon

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  • picture of goalkeeper from behind net (Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash)

    Common ground

    How the beautiful game has found a beautiful job in Lebanon: building peace and community in the place of division and suspicion.

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  • Peace through forgiveness

    Today is the International Day of Peace. Much of the world seems mired in violence – yet God’s light can break through even in the darkest situations. One of our partners in Lebanon is using the power of forgiveness to spread peace among Syrian refugees and the Lebanese community.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Lebanon

    Lebanon is home to a rich diversity of ethnic and religious groups. Unfortunately, this has meant that it has also experienced a significant amount of civil conflict, while at the same time playing host to many refugees: one in four people in Lebanon is now a Syrian refugee. Tearfund has been working in Lebanon since early 2013, in response to the refugee crisis caused by the conflict in Syria.

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  • Photo credit: Kieran Dodds/ Tearfund

    Syria: Home is where the war is

    We need to be there to help people as they cope living as refugees. We also need to be there as they return, to help them rebuild their lives, and help bring peace to the region.

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  • Life in Lebanon: Saida's story

    Please continue to pray for Lebanon and the hundreds of thousands of refugees there. Saida and her three children are just one of the families struggling to cope in impossible circumstances. Since her husband was captured she relies completely on the help of our partner Heart4Lebanon.

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  • Nigel in Syria

    Open Hands of Love

    Tearfund’s CEO Nigel Harris visited Lebanon. He met some of the 1.5 million Syrian refugees and learned some tragic stories and one remarkable tale of God’s provision.

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  • Family in room

    Room With a View?

    Lebanon currently houses 1.5 million Syrian refugees. Discover where one family has made their home...

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