Stories about: Syria

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  • Syria rubble

    Rising from the ruins

    After eight years of intense fighting, communities in Syria are re-emerging from the rubble. Tearfund’s Middle East Response Director, Kieren Barnes,…

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  • Peace through forgiveness

    Today is the International Day of Peace. Much of the world seems mired in violence – yet God’s light can break through even in the darkest situations. One of our partners in Lebanon is using the power of forgiveness to spread peace among Syrian refugees and the Lebanese community.

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  • Photo credit: Kieran Dodds/ Tearfund

    Syria: Home is where the war is

    We need to be there to help people as they cope living as refugees. We also need to be there as they return, to help them rebuild their lives, and help bring peace to the region.

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  • In the Father's arms

    Omar’s daughter couldn’t walk, and no one knew why. When the time came for them to flee war-torn Syria, he had to carry her to safety – more than 300 miles away. Tens of thousands of refugees continue to pour out of Syria and sub-Saharan Africa. Many of the countries hosting refugees lack the infrastructure and finance to look after them, so many families fall through the cracks. That’s what happened to Omar* and his family.

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  • More than a refugee

    While the news headlines may have largely moved on from the refugee crisis, the truth is that the situation is more desperate than ever. Conflict and persecution has forced more people from their homes than at any time since records began. The statistics are staggering, yet behind every number is a human soul with a story to tell. This week, we’ll be focusing on a different story each day, highlighting the humanity at the heart of this crisis.

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