Stories about: Ethiopia

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  • A man of many ideas

    It can be hard when your life suddenly gets turned upside down. Wogasso knew that feeling too well. His career in the military was abruptly cut short…

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  • Small farms, big dreams

    For many years, Emiyas relied on traditional farming methods. But they are becoming more and more ineffective in the face of climate change. Small-scale farmers like Emiyas are suffering from this growing threat...

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  • Defender of widows

    Losing a spouse is heartbreaking under any circumstances. But when you’re living in poverty it becomes a challenge we can scarcely imagine.

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  • Siret

    Bread from Heaven

    How another Nazareth – Nazareth in Ethiopia – has been the source of another kind of good news... I peer into darkness. I’m trying to see who is in…

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  • The good life

    What is ‘the good life’ and how do we live it? Enough to eat? The chance to rest from our toil? ‘Yes’ and ‘yes again’ says Richard Lister, Tearfund’s…

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  • Woman reaches for can of Coca Cola from shop refrigerator

    A refreshing change

    What kind of decisions in your everyday life are influenced by your faith (if you have one)? As Tearfund’s Richard Lister has discovered, your…

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  • Indian family

    Family snapshots

    Most parents would like to give their children a better start in life. However, for the 767 million worldwide who live below the international…

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