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  • Kamala with a staff member from COAST Trust

    Our 700,000 new neighbours – Bangladeshi families struggle with Rohingya influx

    Tearfund’s Peter Shaw recently returned from a visit to Bangladesh, where he witnessed first hand the effects of the Rohingya refugee crisis. It’s been six months since almost 700,000 forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals (Rohingya refugees) started to flee violence in Myanmar and flood into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

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  • Gardeners' questions: Myanmar edition

    With the refugee crisis dominating Western media, there aren't many good news stories coming from Myanmar. Yet, in the communities that Tearfund…

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  • Little girl cartoon

    A sketch in time

    How a Tearfund partner organisation in Myanmar got their nation talking about the future, with simple pen and ink drawings.

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  • Too exhausted to beg

    Ume is a Rohingya refugee. Like more than half a million others, she was forced to flee her home in Myanmar. Having survived the awful trauma of losing most of her family, she made it across the border into Bangladesh. Now, she’s desperately trying to find her way to a refugee camp.

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  • Myanmar Refugees


    The plight of the Rohingya refugees has shocked the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled violence in Northern Rakhine State, Myanmar, into neighbouring Bangladesh. Tearfund’s local partners have been responding to the crisis since it began. An estimated 430,000 people have crossed the border, and more are arriving every day. Urgent needs include food, water, sanitation, shelter, medical and trauma care.

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  • A healthy inheritance

    Nan Su Kyaw* lives in a village of 70 households in Myanmar’s northernmost state of Kachin. For the past six years she has played a vital role as a community health worker in the village – a role that has brought huge benefits.

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  • Confidence building and business building in Myanmar

    Traditionally women in Mai Pa Nyo’s village in Myanmar (also known as Burma) focus on household tasks and looking after children. But then Tearfund partner Myanmar Baptist Convention rallied her local church to actively study the Bible together and dream for the future. Mai and her friends realised they wanted to do something more both for themselves and their church.

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