Stories about: Farming

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  • Learning to farm again

    Victoria hums softly to herself as she carefully fills her watering can. The Malawian grandmother has a flourishing vegetable garden. And she can now…

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Malawi

    Malawi is a small country with huge beauty and potential. Tucked between Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique, much of the country is dominated by Lake Malawi – home to more species of fish than any other lake in the world. Malawi’s people are incredibly tenacious, friendly and full of life; however, they are also facing immense challenges.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: India

    Famine was declared in the Indian state of Bihar on 20 April 1967, followed by catastrophic floods. An emergency call to the Evangelical Alliance from Dr Ben Wati of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) was one of the triggers that led to the formation of Tearfund.

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  • Hunger stole... you gave

    Last year, in our Hunger Steals campaign, we shared the stories of two amazing women from Malawi. Polly and Sylvia live just 70km from each other,…

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Bolivia

    Bolivia is one of South America's poorest countries and it is the indigenous people groups, who comprise almost 60 per cent of the population, that are most impacted. Indigenous communities are less likely to have access to education, health services, and water.

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  • Gardeners' questions: Myanmar edition

    With the refugee crisis dominating Western media, there aren't many good news stories coming from Myanmar. Yet, in the communities that Tearfund…

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  • Mushrooms, monks and the miracle tree

    A barber and mushroom farmer from Cambodia loses hope when he’s let down by a spiritual healer, but is saved when he gets introduced to an extraordinary tree. Sounds like fiction, but it's reality for Devi and his wife Sikha.

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  • Woman stands in a field of maize

    A-maize-ing Grace

    Grace Kamau lives in the shadow of the Kiambere Dam, which supplies electricity to the Kenyan National Grid. This dam is symbolic of the country’s ambition, modernity and development. But there’s another side to Kenya.

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