Stories about: Children

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  • The God of small things

    In a world of obvious, giant needs screaming for urgent attention, what about the ‘smaller’ ones? The more personal ones? Like a child’s need to be…

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  • Fifty Years, Fifty Countries: Peru

    To mark 50 years of Tearfund, we’re sharing about 50 countries where we’ve worked, celebrating God’s provision and power to transform, and praying…

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  • Man wearing hat holds baby

    The dad who dared to be different

    Gordien is easy to spot at the emergency feeding centre, as he’s the only man. There are pregnant women, new mums, grandmas, aunts and many, many children and babies… and there is Gordien. Sure, there are a couple of men observing from a distance, but Gordien is the only one taking part, with his little daughter, Donate, in his arms.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Ivory Coast

    In 1960, 17 African states gained independence, including Ivory Coast. The country went on to experience more than three decades of stability until a series of events shook the nation – a shaking that only began to settle after the presidential election in 2010...

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  • Unstoppable Love

    It’s hard to imagine suddenly losing one of your parents and your home. But this is what happened to young Sandip*, from a small village in western Nepal. In August 2014 the unthinkable happened: catastrophic flooding destroyed 3,000 homes, including Sandip’s. And the flood took something even more precious from him – his father.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Colombia

    Home to Latin America’s longest-running civil conflict, Colombia is a nation where children face huge challenges. As a result of disrupted education and poverty, a large number of children live on the streets and child labour is common. Tearfund has been working in Colombia since 1980, with a strong focus on helping vulnerable children.

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  • Fifty years, fifty countries: Burundi

    Burundi, in East Africa, is one of the poorest nations in the world. The mostly rural population are almost entirely reliant on agriculture for their income. However, over-exploitation of the land has resulted in soil infertility, leading to widespread food shortages. Climate change and political instability have only made the situation worse, with many families fleeing to neighbouring countries. This is what led to Beni* being abandoned.

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